Bearded Screech-Owls in the mist

Birding in cloud forest is a mystical experience, the delicate mosses, ferns and orchids seem to melt, motionless into the fog. Drops form on every bit of vegetation as a result of condensation, though it is not raining, there is a huge amount of water coming down out of the trees making the trail muddyContinue reading “Bearded Screech-Owls in the mist”

Birding the Montezuma Road

The famous birding hotspot known as the Montezuma Road is easily one of the best birding destinations in Colombia. With nearly 600 species of birds recorded along the 14 km track from the Montezuma Rainforest Lodge to the top of Cerro Montezuma. The elevational gradient from the Lodge at 1300m to the mountaintop at 2550mContinue reading “Birding the Montezuma Road”