The Team

Our team offers in-depth knowledge on a local level and extensive birding experience throughout the region.

John Cahill

Founder & tour leader

Birding since age 5, John is one of the top birders in Guatemala, completing two national Big Years before graduating from high school. Having seen the birds of Guatemala, John took the logical next step: mastering birding in Colombia, the most biologically diverse country in the world. Today John actively participates in the leadership of Guatemala’s birding community.

Michelle Tapasco

Marketing & logistics

Michelle started birding at age 7 in Colombia’s Western Andes. She has a pretty incredible life-list, including some of the most sought after ultra-endemics Colombia has to offer. Michelle’s family runs one of the most remarkable birding lodges in the country—Montezuma Rainforest. Michelle currently studies forestry engineering in Guatemala.

Max A. Noack

Tour leader

eBirder and conservationist in Guatemala. Max and his family own two nature preserves in the central highlands: Finca Las Nubes and RNP Chajbaoc. Dedicating his time to ecosystem conservation, protection and restoration, Max has a keen interest in ancestral crops, which he considers the key to fighting deforestation and hunger in the Verapaz region. Max serves as an eBird reviewer for Guatemala.

Sunshine Solé

Tour leader & Logistics

Sunshine is a geographer and artist, living between Chiapas, México and Cobán, Guatemala. When not guiding, Sunshine is currently pursuing a masters degree in Environmental Communication and Education.

Tito Vasquez

Tour leader

Tito has spent the last few years birding Alta and Baja Verapaz. Passionate about bird conservation and a strong believer that eco-tourism is the best way to protect our birds and their habitat. Tito puts a lot into making our birding adventures as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

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